Nosecone To Tail: Branding An Airline


// Consumer Brand Creation // Program


Brand an airline. From nosecone to tail and signage to swizzle stick, create a cohesive look and personality that reflects the ExpressJet gestalt and appeals to diverse audiences--passengers, shareholders, employees and future employees.


We began with color and logo studies, landing on an evocative palette that stood out in a field of blue. ExpressJet’s signature jetlines and custom logotype communicated confidence, strength and, above all, speed worthy of this all-jet fleet.

That brings us to designing the jets. Which was really freaking cool. The finished livery incorporated metallic green, blue and red jetlines on a crisp white body with a metallic green tail. on the engines maximized these mobile billboards.

Next, we got the writing on the wall, literally, with ticketing and check-in signage and kiosks in airports and corporate signage in offices. And, to top it off, we extended the brand all the way to happy hour through swizzle sticks that perfectly complemented $3 cocktails. Neat.