Marking a Major Milestone

Men's Wearhouse

// 2012 Annual Report // Print + Interactive


Focus on the initiatives that continue to position Men’s Wearhouse for long-term success while honoring four decades of continuous profitability and the storied history behind 40 years of growth and evolution.


Men’s Wearhouse’s evolution extends to its investor relations materials and an increasing emphasis on the company’s online annual report. Origin created an interactive-to-print concept internally dubbed It’s On!, marking the company’s 40th anniversary and making the most of the digital medium by incorporating an interactive timeline amidst financial highlights.

Online, users navigate content sections entitled On Track, On Trend, On Pace and Onward with a menu graphic that references the visuals of the timeline and reinforces the idea of forward movement and momentum. Photography echoes current retail marketing, and Origin successfully adapted all content from the online version into a print version.