IR Aligned With The Modern Man

Men's Wearhouse

// 2010 Annual Report // Print + Interactive


Men’s Wearhouse already had the business suit market sewn up, but tailoring it to reach the Millennial Man — a new generation of young, hip investors — was still a loose thread.


Men’s Wearhouse updated their brand to appeal to a new generation of execs who were used to reading Wired and Fast Company. We complimented this with a carefully fashioned Investor Relations Package that leveraged their slick marketing materials. This unique, periodical-inspired package included:

  • A finely crafted Annual Report that has the look and feel of a modern, hip business magazine
  • A 1:1 translation of the Annual Report to a Web document with unique and sleek single-page navigation
  • A pocket folder with perfectly tailored lines and a superior fit
  • A quarterly summary in an appealing flipbook style

The result was a fresh, clean, and modern package that fit the client’s brand like a well-tailored suit.