Honoring A Decade Of Elevating Architecture

University of Houston

// Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture: Tenth Anniversary Event // Program


The University of Houston’s Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture has inspired and instructed a number of leaders in the field. So when its main fundraiser, the Blueprint Ball, turned 10 Origin needed to give the event just the right style and structure.


Origin gave the 10th Anniversary Blueprint Ball a 10 Stories theme highlighting 10 stories of how the event helped the college and skyline take shape over time. The campaign included super-groovy handmade print mailers, an email promotion campaign, the event program, signage, a custom-built vanity website and even a sexy motion graphics video commemorating a decade of bringing in big bucks for big buildings. It sold out almost immediately, and served as a fitting commemoration to the legacy of this event that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities, faculties, programs and scholarships.