Communications To Suit Fulbright’s Stature

Fulbright & Jaworski, LLP

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Fulbright is a full-service international law firm that’s been in business for almost a century. As a result, not only does it have more than 1,000 lawyers but it also has thousands of alumni—those who have worked there and then moved on. Fulbright needed a publication that reached out to former Fulbright employees to keep them interested, invested and communicating.


Many people don’t like lawyers until they need one. But we love ‘em! In fact, they’re awesome consumers of creative services—literate, driven and never afraid to tell you what they want. After a brief discovery period, Origin came up with a new concept and design system for its alumni publication, Afterwords, as well as creative and editorial concepts for multiple issues. Stories featured successful Fulbright alums in action from Houston to Hong Kong, bringing recognition to past employees and the firm as a whole. Because lawyers today sell more than billable hours; they sell their brand.