Believing in the Power of the Patient

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System

// Brand Refresh + Realignment // Program


Differentiate St. Luke’s from its myriad local and regional competitors and break away from the noisy provider-focused messaging flooding the Houston airwaves.


Among local medical organizations, only St. Luke’s had a tagline referencing the patient—a differentiator true to its treatments and resonant with the target audience. Origin proposed the more distinct “Believe in the Power of the Body” as the foundation for all communications—a line that speaks simultaneously to the strength of the body of medical professionals, the body of facilities, the spiritual side of healing and the patients’ own physiologies.

Print advertising, a microsite and a television spot brought the power of the body to vibrant life. And while you can’t win ‘em all—in this case, we didn’t—we still celebrate the power of the body of work presented.