October 29, 2009—Houston—Inspired by Spike Jonze’ ambition—taking on a book we all loved—this year’s theme asked Originites to embody their own personal wild things.

After combing thrift stores, craft stores, art books and closets, the wild things assembled at The Flat in all their finery, captured but not tamed by the lens of fashion photographer Phoebe Rourke-Ghabriel. A flamingo flitted with ravens. A mare wielded a horsewhip. A conservationist and anarchist met in harmony. A lion roared its terrible roar, a werewolf showed its terrible claws and food was devoured with the gnashing of terrible teeth. Part-Pan, part-lion, part-witch doctor—partners Jim Mousner, Jimmie Ruggerio and Shawn Collier waved shaman sticks that magically kept the beer, wine and frozen mojitos flowing.

Said Assistant Creative Director Denise Madera, “The Alter Ego Ball is always an incredibly fun experience—a celebration of the imaginative thinking going on around here every single day. I am always wowed by the creativity that goes into each person’s alter ego!”

At the end of the evening, the wild rumpus ended, as wild rumpuses must, with the making of plans for next year’s ball.