Houston—June 24, 2013—Today Origin announced the promotion of Michelle Coffey to Associate Design Director.

Coffey’s design leadership is instrumental to the success of many of Origin’s biggest design stories: brand programs for ExpressJet, Apache and Ion; more than a dozen interesting, engaging annual reports, and community building via design for the University of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership (UHGAP). Coffey’s work has been generously awarded, but, most rewarding of all, it has raised the bar for designers both at Origin and throughout Houston.

Coffey began her career with Origin after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Houston’s very challenging Graphic Communications program. Says Coffey, “Origin has been where I cut my teeth and grew out of training wheels. I’m honored at the chance to keep learning and keep contributing in a way that benefits Origin’s future.”

Outside the office, Michelle continues to live design, having led the brand and marketing efforts that launched A 2nd Cup—a non-profit dedicated to ending human trafficking. She volunteers for AIGA and UHGAP, and she is an active member of Houston Vineyard.

Aptly named, Coffey is proof of her strongly held design perspective: “I operate from the worldview that design, empowered women and coffee can, and do, change the world.”