Austin—June 14, 2013—Origin recently completed its first project for one of Texas’s great exports—Chuy’s family of Tex-Mex restaurants. Long-time fans of the company’s jalapeno ranch sauce, Mexican martinis and burritos as big as yo’ face, Origin was more than happy to channel product appreciation and stakeholder relations experience into an annual report as quirky and welcoming as Chuy’s itself.

The company’s first annual report features food and restaurant photography, tasty highlights, a letter from president & CEO Steve Hislop and Elvis. Always Elvis.

“It is so rewarding to help guide a company you admire through a really important time in their history—in this case, Chuy’s first annual report,” says Senior Strategist Aimee Borders. “This project was a true collaboration between Chuy’s and our Houston and Austin teams.”

The result is an annual report that feels like Chuy’s and visually communicates the restaurant family’s spirited personality to a whole new audience of future jalapeno ranch fans.