Houston—January 1, 2013—Origin kicked off the New Year with a concrete commitment to contemporary art in Houston. Origin’s purchase of a paver for the new grad entrance of the renovated museum is a token of our appreciation for Blaffer’s groundbreaking work within the community.

Said Origin Founder Jim Mousner, “Congratulations to Director Claudia Schmuckli and her team for an outstanding job leading this important initiative and inspiring the UH community. I look forward to seeing other UH Alumni, as well as the Greater Houston community embrace and support what will undoubtedly be a cultural center to all those it serves.”

Origin first collaborated with the institution for 2005’s POPulence, when Blaffer selected Origin to design the exhibit’s catalog and accompanying graphics. Blaffer’s permanent alliance with the UH Schools of Art, Theatre and Music and the Creative Writing Program cements the bond between the museum and Origin’s many UH School of Arts alumni.

To learn more about visiting and supporting the Blaffer Art Museum, see blafferartmuseum.org.