Houston—April 20, 2015—Hot Design Take! Linn Energy and LinnCo are leading the oil and gas MLP sector in dynamic web presence following the re-skinning of LinnEnergy.com and LinnCo.com. Conceived and designed by Origin, the site took a progressive step in expressing the company’s different approach to the oil and gas business.

“We wanted the look and feel to diverge from the typical oil and gas corporate site, but not from LINN’s personality,” remarked Origin Creative Director Jim Mousner. “We utilized an earthy color pallet and LINN asset photography to make the visual experience unique, appealing and logical for users.”

In addition to the updating the look and feel of both sites, a WordPress content management system was introduced that empowers LINN with greater control over regular site maintenance, added security and the ability to promptly respond to customers and the market with updates and announcements.

Sleek and seamless mobile versions of the sites allow on-the-go IR professionals, customers and recruits to easily navigate to the most relevant content without the need for desktop access.