Houston—August 17, 2011—Origin was thrilled to be a sponsor of the 2011 National Investor Relations Institute Southwest Conference, held at San Antonio’s Hotel Contesa. This annual three-day event features the NIRI’s Interactive Case Study—a half-day immersive role-playing investigation of a PR disaster scenario.

Origin principals Shawn Collier and Jimmie Ruggerio, along with Origin’s Director of Business Development, Patrick Lapham, were on hand to help uncover the facts, quiz the witnesses and brainstorm options.

“It was kind of cool to see how that whole process could unfold,” says Lapham of the mock crisis exercise. The event continues an ongoing theme of a fictitious company facing a public relations catastrophe scenario. Participants in the event are asked to manage the media, assess the position of the company and mitigate any potential risks while searching for a way to contain the crisis.

Many of Origin’s clients attended the event, including Apache, Enterprise and Endeavor, as well as other major players in a variety of industries.

“It was a great place for networking,” Lapham says. “Having a presence there is huge. It means more than building business, it’s about building strong relationships.”